Make No Bones About It; Communication Is Hard

Kirk Spock and McCoy

The Freudian Trio consists of three characters: one who acts emotionally and instinctively, one who acts with cold, passionless logic and one who reconciles the two conflicting ideals.

No TV show that I’ve watched applied this trio better than the original Star Trek series.

Bones was the emotional one. Spock the logical one. Kirk was the character that brought the two together.

Some of us, especially men, struggle communicating thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

This is an area that Leonard “Bones” McCoy excelled in.

At least on television. I can’t say how he was in real life – though I heard he was a gentleman.

I attended a seminar 15 years ago where I learned that I process ideas rapidly in my mind. So when I come out with a statement, people were often confused by what I said, and normally discounted my ideas.

I was normally left wondering why they rejected m y idea and I’d internalize the emotions.

At the seminar, I was shown that I needed to connect the dots for my audience so they could understand how I arrived at my idea.

Once I implemented this knowledge, conversations went MUCH more smoothly.

My ideas were accepted.

My confidence level took off.

We all communicate differently. We all expect certain to receive communication a certain way, and to deliver communication a certain way.

Communication styles affect our work life, friendships, parenting, and marriages.

Communicating well is crucial for relationships to survive.

I cover communication extensively in my group program being launched soon.

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