A BIG NO-NO For Interviews

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The other day I was on Reddit, or as I like to call it “the goldmine for article ideas”, reading about interview experiences from around the world.

I found one that reminded me of something I witnessed a few years ago:

“Candidate brought his mom in with him – who proceeded to answer all the questions I was asking him until I asked her wait outside.

His only work experience was a paper route he kept for less than 2 months and mowing his neighbor’s lawn.

It was clearly an enormous effort for this poor guy to communicate in anything but one-word answers. In fact, he looked genuinely relieved when the interview was over.

Dude was 22 years old.”

Taking your mom (or dad – as I witnessed) into an interview is not a great strategy. If you’re considering doing that, I’m not the guy to help you.

My advice to you is: Go get a job and hold it down for at least 6 months and BEFORE YOU QUIT…have another job lined up.

As a hiring manager it tells me that if I invest time into training you, I’ll get some return on investment. It also tells me that I won’t have to go through the hiring process again anytime soon.

IF you can’t get a job…go volunteer somewhere to build “job credit”. Work hard so you’ll have a good reference for the next job interview.

I work with people who can’t seem to crack that next level of management. They’ve tried a few times but seem to keep striking out.

My approach is simple – I get a clear understanding of where you want to go, and then together, we plan out how you can get there.

In my program, I provide you with tools related to project management, people management, and communication strategies so you can put these new skills to work for you right away – on the job or in your next interview!

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