The Power Of Our World View

I read a FB post the other day that got me thinking.

The author posted of her experience with surviving a major accident. Her point was: don’t try to bring a reason for an event in your life.

She maintained that she “just survived”.

She said she didn’t survive because “the world wasn’t done with her”. Her position was that she made it through the accident for no reason whatsoever other than chance.

It just happened.

Taking the position at face value, what would happen if we apply some simple logic to the assertion and expand the scope a bit…

If I just “survive”, then I must simply “arrive” [on this planet], right?

No special purpose or function. We’re just here.

AND… if one of us “just arrives”, then we all must just arrive for no reason, right?

We are a product of chance.

This is the position of those who believe there is no designer. If our world view is such that there is no designer, we must believe that we do not come to this earth with value and purpose.

Basically, we simply exist and it’s up to us to determine our worth, which is where the author of this post eventually headed.

WE get to decide.

WE’RE in control, which is what most of us want, right? CONTROL over our own lives.

Of course, the problem comes if you can’t decide or find what value you bring to society. Where do you turn to?

SO… what if there IS a designer? How are value and purpose impacted?

Generally speaking, a designer only designs and build objects for a purpose. There would be no point in building something with no purpose (and therefore no value). Creating an object with no purpose would be a waste of resources, right?

That said, right from birth we know we have a purpose. However, unless you were born with a manual in hand, the problem still exists of finding it.

With a designer in the picture, it isn’t so much as CREATING a purpose as it is DISCOVERING the purpose for which we were made.

Would KNOWING that you were made for a purpose and then embarking on a journey of discovery be more motivating than wondering if you have purpose and then creating your own?

I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing the knowledge of KNOWING WE HAVE A PURPOSE puts us on more solid ground if our journey gets difficult along the way. Do you agree?

AND really… are we giving up that much control?

If we believe we’ve been designed for a purpose that doesn’t exclude the ability to deny it and choose our own path.

Just words for thought…

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