How Valuable Are You , Dad?

Moms are caretakers.  Dad’s are providers.

That’s been the way of the world for centuries.  There are always exceptions to that “rule” but that has been the accepted family structure. 

Not saying it’s right or wrong, just saying that’s what it was.

But that picture has changed significantly over the years. 

Women have really stepped into the provider role, while still trying to maintain the household, which I know is stressful. 

Men have not accepted the change to their role as gracefully.  In fact, there is evidence that the younger men coming up are losing their identity because they aren’t sure how they fit in anymore.

When you’re hard-wired to provide and protect, and then told that you are no longer needed in that role it creates a certain level of anxiety.  You begin to ask yourself, “Why am I here?  What value do I bring to my family?”

Depending on your world view, the answer to those questions could lead to personal crisis.

If you’re a guy reading this article, I can confidently say, “You bring LOTS of value to your family.”

Ever see that video of the baby crying on his father’s chest and when his father hummed a deep-toned hum, his baby stopped crying and settled down?

THAT is a perfect illustration of the value a dad brings to the household.

Not money.

Not muscle.

A voice.

A dad’s voice can soothe.

A dad’s voice can calm.

It can focus.

It can create a healthy fear of consequences.

If you’re stressed because you don’t provide money or muscle at the moment, know that your voice has power in it. 

Your voice has value, so use it.

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